The Top 10 Gifts For A First Time Interrail Traveller

Know someone embarking on their first Interrail trip and want to ensure it will be memorable? Look no further! We have assembled the ideal Interrail starter kit with 10 unique gifts sure to make their travels delightfully unforgettable – practical essentials and indulgent extras that’ll add happiness throughout their trip and beyond! Discover which presents will ensure their interrail experience stands out.

1. The Interrail Pass

If your friend doesn’t already have the Interrail Pass, it’s the perfect gift! The Interrail Pass is incredibly flexible. If you’re buying it as a gift, buy the Interrail Global Pass – it allows the traveller to be really flexible with their itinerary, which means they can travel nearly anywhere in Europe. The pass also allows different time frames. This changes the price of the pass, so you can personalise your gift to your friend’s trip!

2. A Durable Backpack

Give them an attractive yet durable backpack designed to combine style and functionality – a durable backpack will hold their essential travel items safely while remaining fashionable at all times! Featuring multiple compartments for storage as well as sturdy straps that won’t tear, its weatherproof construction makes this gift essential to exploring interrail adventures across Europe! Give the freedom of exploring its back roads by gifting this must-have present today! See our list of the best Interrail backpacks.

3. GoPro Camera

Travelling on the interrail is the time to make memories. What better way to remember them than with a GoPro camera? A GoPro camera isn’t just a normal camera – a GoPro is small, portable, and allows the traveller to wear it! This means that memories can be captured automatically. With a GoPro, you can still enjoy the moment to its fullest, then look back at your great times later!

4. St. Christopher Necklace

A St. Christopher necklace is a wonderful gift idea for a first time interrail traveller. These necklaces widely represent safe travels, protection, and following one’s destiny. All three of these are powerful messages for a traveller! With a St. Christopher necklace, any traveller will feel safe and protected throughout their adventures.

5. Wanderlust Travel Journal

Capture their interrail journey’s magic with this beautifully designed journal designed for interrail adventurers – a wanderlust journal! Become their trusted companion while recording experiences, thoughts and memories while on their adventure across Europe – its elegant pages await being filled with tales of new discoveries and unforgettable memories alike – it will inspire their wanderlust while providing them with a lasting keepsake from their interrail adventure!

6. Passport Holder and Travel Wallet Combo

Keep their travel documents protected with style by using a passport holder and travel wallet combo, designed to hold passports, tickets, cards and cash safely all in one convenient place. With its sleek design and multiple compartments they’ll breeze through customs quickly while adding sophistication and elegance to their ensemble while away.

7. Essential Travel Tool

Give them an essential travel tool with multiple handy uses packed into one compact package – from opening bottles of cold beverages to fixing loose straps, this gift will become their go-to solution when unexpected moments occur during their travels. Any seasoned traveller will tell you that they won’t leave for an adventure without a multi-purpose tool, so it’s a great and valuable gift for a first-time interrail traveller!

8. Travel Guidebook with Hidden Gems

Give them an interrail journey they will remember by gifting a guidebook that goes beyond tourist traps and cliches. Choose one which features local secrets, hidden treasures, or off-the-beaten-path experiences as this will encourage them to go beyond surface exploration to experience the authentic culture and spirit of each destination – creating unforgettable travel memories through its pages! Lonely Planet is always a good option.

9. Portable Charger and Power Bank

To help them stay charged up throughout their interrail adventure, give the gift of an essential portable charger and power bank to ensure uninterrupted exploration! It’s happened to everyone – things are going well, and suddenly your phone dies. Now you can’t access a GPS, search up where to grab some food, or snap any pictures. However, with a portable charger and power bank, there’s no more worrying about battery anxiety!

10. Cosy Travel Blanket

Keep them warm during long train journeys with a luxurious travel blanket! Ideal for snuggling close while watching breathtaking scenery pass them by outside their window, this gift provides warmth and home comforts no matter where they travel – be it chillier evenings under the stars or spontaneous picnics; making this present an indispensable item for interrail adventurers! It also packs down really small so isn’t much bigger than a bottle of water.

Bonus! Interrail Planner T-Shirt

Look the part on your Interrail trip with one our exclusive Interrail Planner t-shirts! Available in a range of colours and sizes, as well as a unisex fit, so there is something for everyone. We ship worldwide, too.


Gift-giver extraordinaire! Congratulations – you’ve found an unforgettable present to make their interrail experience genuinely remarkable! With these thoughtful presents in their hands, they’ll embark on an interrail adventure they’ll cherish for life. Happy gifting!