About Us

Planning an Interrail trip can be a complicated and time-consuming process. We know because we’ve done it ourselves - on more than one occasion! Interrailing should be fun, but trawling through websites and struggling with a spreadsheet certainly isn’t. We aim to make it easier to map out your route, keep to the pass requirements, and book your accommodation, so that you can have the best Interrail experience possible.

We also want to ensure that we don’t add any costs to your trip. So, the planning tool is completely free and we generate revenue through our partners. In other words, your trip costs the same as always, but a small amount goes to us.

Feedback is very welcome so please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions for how we could improve - we’re always thinking about how we can enhance your Interrail planning experience.

If you’re a fan of what we’re doing here, it would mean a lot if you could follow (or even share!) us on social networks.

Thanks for reading and happy Interrailing!

Meet the guys behind InterrailPlanner.com

Jack Cowell Co-Founder

I'm from London, but lived in Geneva and Warsaw when I was younger. I went Interrailing before starting at university and the trip was amazing, but the planning experience at the time was certainly not! I'm passionate about using technology to make things better and wanted to do that with Interrail Planner so that everyone can have just as great a trip with less hassle!

Jack MacHugh Co-Founder

I drink a lot of (average) coffee, play golf badly, pretend to speak German, and occasionally waltz around Europe on a train. Sometimes I can be spotted in a kilt drinking whiskey but usually found working on business ideas and eating scrambled eggs, not necessarily at the same time. You can read about my trip here on our blog.

Dino Vidaković Co-Founder

I'm an entrepreneur, manager and a passionate web developer... you know, the kind of guy that can't really travel anywhere without a laptop, or a phone at the very least. I've been in the web development business for over 10 years. I also run Crionis, an international web and mobile development company that built the technology behind Interrail Planner.