Interrail Planner Premium makes planning your Interrail trip easier & cheaper, by giving you access to extra features and exclusive discounts.

Extra features

Calculate trip costs

Add your budget for things like accommodation and daily spending money and get a running total of your estimated trip cost as you edit your itinerary.

Track your travel days

Keep track of how many travel days your plan uses and make sure you stay within the restrictions of your chosen Interrail pass.

Add notes

Add notes to each destination so you can keep track of useful information, such as things to do or the accommodation you've booked.

View hostels within the route planner

We’ve teamed up with Hostelworld to show you the top-rated hostels & prices for the dates & destinations you are visiting, without having to leave our trip planning tool.

Create multiple plans

Going on multiple trips or want to draft a few different route options? With Premium, you can create as many routes as you like.

Exclusive Discounts

10% off at One Fam Hostels in 7 amazing cities
20% discount at Sant Jordi Hostels in Barcelona and Lisbon
10% off at Clink Hostels in London and Amsterdam
10% discount at Maverick Lodges in Budapest
10% off The Yellow Hostel in Rome, Florence and Milan
10% off your stay in Naples at Hostel Mancini
10% discount on selected Amsterdam attractions
20% off bag storage across Europe with Stasher
10% off at the Interrail Planner shop