What backpack should I take Interrailing? The best 6 rucksacks to take

We keep this article up to date to ensure we make the best backpack recommendations. Updated for 2020 interrailers!

This is a common question for interrailers and quite rightly, as it’ll be your most important piece of kit. You’ll be carrying your backpack around busy cities and lugging it onto trains so it’s vital you find one you find comfortable and practical.

What size backpack should I take?

You need to consider what you want to take interrailing. This will depend on where you go and at what time of year but keep in mind that most, if not all, hostels will have washing facilities so you can wear the same clothes multiple times. Don’t overpack, you’ll regret it when you have to carry it in the summer heat. Take a look at our tips on what to pack for interrailing and how many clothes to bring interrailing.

We recommend taking a main backpack of between 50 and 70 litres for a 3 week interrail. You should also take a day sack for exploring cities. Some of the bags we recommend come with handy detachable day sacks.

The best backpacks to take interrailing

We’ve selected six of our favourite backpacks to take interrailing. We’ve linked up with Amazon so you can click on each bag and get further information. They come in at various price levels but we recommend you spend the most you can afford on a backpack. It’s likely you will use it again!