The best guidebooks to get before your Interrail trip

So, you have planned your Interrail journey, and know precisely what you’d like to visit. The next step is getting your hands on a good guidebook to ensure you see all the must-visit places in the destinations of your choice. While there are many apps and websites that offer this information, you don’t always want to be WiFi dependent when visiting other countries. We’ve brought together some of the best guidebooks for your Interrail trip, as rated by both professionals in the industry and travellers themselves.

Europe Through The Back Door by Rick Steves

Highly rated on Goodreads and Amazon alike, this guidebook from Rick Steves is a gem for every interrailer. It focuses on maximising your time in every major location in Europe, while also showcasing less crowded locations for a fully authentic experience. Rick himself considers this book to be his life masterpiece, as it’s based on his own experience travelling for 30 years. Other than the locations themselves, he also shares tip for affordable public transport, light packing and the best place to eat local food and overcome the language barriers.

Europe by Lonely Planet

No guidebook list would be complete without a title from Lonely Planet, the world’s most popular travel book brand. In this book, you’ll learn about best practices to tailor your trip while also saving time and money and avoiding crowded spots. The authors focused on exploring destinations as a local, and included all essential info such as working hours and important phone numbers, transit information and prices. The book covers more than 20 countries in Europe and lists the top historical, natural and cultural locations you should check out on your adventure.

Fodor’s Essential Europe by Fodor’s Travel Guides

Another renowned travel book publisher, the Fodor’s Travel Guides employed locals to offer their expert advice for different budgets and preferences. It’s made with those on short travels in mind, and features the must see places in 25 countries around Europe. The book is packed with great hotel and restaurant recommendations and completed with easy to use maps and stunning photographs. While the other books on this list may provide a deeper insight in the lesser known locations, the Fodor’s Essential Europe is an ideal companion for first time Euro travelers.

Guide to Europe On A Budget by James Feess

James Fees is a man behind the popular website The Savvy Backpacker, known for sharing expert advice for budget interrailers and travellers. This guidebook is intended for those who work within a tight budget, but still want to enjoy a full-on Europe adventure. The main focus of the book is estimating the prices of lodging and transport while also giving advice on the required spending money. Other than the budget itself, the book also establishes the best practices for travelling light and shares insights on avoiding pickpockets and staying safe, both alone and with traveling companions.

Europe by DK Travel

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides have been helping travellers to explore the world for more than 20 years now. The authors are experienced travel writers and researchers, who share their recommendations and reviews. The book is full with information on the must-visit information, and includes everything you want to known about cultural, natural and shopping spots in Europe. It includes hotel and restaurant highlights, as well as the local delicacies and detailed city maps.