7 Must-Do Activities in Romania for Interrailers

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Europe along the Black Sea, Romania offers a unique and less-explored destination for Interrail travellers. While Transylvania may be famous for its ties to Dracula, the country’s diverse landscapes, from beautiful mountains to rustic villages, are increasingly captivating visitors. Before the crowd catches on, here are seven exhilarating adventures awaiting Interrailers in Romania.

  1. Marvel at the Grandeur of Bran Castle

Known for its Dracula associations, Bran Castle is a must-see landmark. While Vlad Țepeș, the real-life inspiration for Dracula, once stayed here, the castle’s massive turrets and medieval architecture create a captivating atmosphere. Set against a foggy mountain pass, Bran Castle is a spectacle that transcends its fictional connections.

  1. Admire the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Protected by UNESCO, the 15th-century painted monasteries in Bucovina showcase Romania’s enduring Orthodox tradition and artistic prowess. Inspired by Moldavian prince Stephen the Great, the elaborate frescoes depict biblical stories and historical events. The vibrant colors and intricate details, as seen at the Voroneţ Monastery, seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings.

  1. Step Back in Time in Maramureş

Venture to Maramureş in northern Romania for a journey into a simpler, rustic past. Isolated villages surrounded by vast fields and forested hillsides feature wooden churches with Gothic-style steeples. Experience the charm of traditional Sunday dress as you explore UNESCO-listed churches in Bârsana, Budeşti, Deseşti, Ieud, and Surdeşti.

  1. Navigate the Danube Delta

Embark on a boat journey or bird-watching adventure in the Danube Delta, where the river meets the Black Sea. Explore the vast protected wetland with water lilies and reeds, home to diverse flora and fauna. Join birding outings with Ibis Tours for a chance to spot species like the white-tailed eagle and great white egret.

  1. Experience Saxon Splendor in Transylvania

Discover the Saxon legacy in hilly Transylvania, where beautifully preserved cities like Braşov, Sighişoara, and Sibiu showcase architectural heritage. From Sighişoara’s Citadel fortress to Braşov’s Black Church and picturesque Saxon villages like Biertan and Viscri, Transylvania offers a fairy-tale experience.

  1. Hike the Carpathians

Trek through the Carpathian mountain chain, dividing Transylvania and Moldavia, for an immersive experience in Romania’s stunning landscapes. The Retezat Mountains in southwestern Transylvania, part of the Retezat National Park, boast glacial lakes and peaks reaching over 2000m.

Photo by Mariia Forest on Unsplash
  1. Be Amazed by Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament

Visit Bucharest and explore the Palace of Parliament, a monumental structure rivaling the Pentagon and the Taj Mahal. Reflect on the country’s history as you tour the expansive interiors, showcasing Romanian craftsmanship. Afterward, immerse yourself in Bucharest’s lively atmosphere at its numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Getting to and around Romania is facilitated by international flights to Bucharest, with additional international airports in select cities. Trains and buses connect major cities and towns within the country, offering Interrailers an extensive network for exploration.