The 7 most beautiful lakes to visit in Slovenia

Slovenia. One of the most underrated yet breathtakingly beautiful countries in Europe. Renowned for its fairytale towns, whimsical castles, and stunning natural landscapes, it’s a must-visit for anyone interrailing around Europe or those seeking a relaxing weekend getaway.

Once in this quaint country, there’s one thing you should particularly be on the lookout for – and that is its incredible lakes. Now, everyone may be familiar with Lake Bled; pictured above, as it is frequently posted throughout social media due to its unique church. However, despite this being a standout tourist attraction, Lake Bled isn’t the only lake that you should visit whilst in the central-European country.

Read on to discover our pick of the 7 most beautiful lakes to visit in Slovenia.

1) Lake Bohinj

Photo by jiriposival0 from Pixabay 

A nature lover’s paradise, Lake Bohinj is a tranquil lake to visit when in Slovenia. Covering 318 hectares, it’s situated within the Bohinj Valley in the Julian Alps. Part of the Triglav National Park, it is the largest lake in the country. Whether you long to hike in the alps or discover the awe-inspiring Savica Waterfall, Lake Bohinj is a must.

But how do you get there? If you’re staying in Kranj (a nearby city to the lake), you can take a bus directly to Lake Bohinj. Alternatively, you can get a cab or hire a car for the day.

2) Triglav Lakes

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

Resembling something out of a movie, the Triglav Lakes is a beautiful destination whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon or you fancy putting on your hiking boots and want to head into the mountains. Also known as the Valley of the Seven Lakes, the incredible colours of the Triglav Lakes make it a perfect photo opportunity. 

Similarly to Lake Bohinj, the Triglav Lakes are situated within the Julian Alps. However, in the Triglav Lakes, you won’t only find one lake – but as the above name suggests, you’ll find seven; known as Jezero pod Vršacem, Mlaka v Laštah, Rjavo jezero (Brown Lake), Zeleno jezero (Green Lake) , Veliko jezero (The Great Lake) Dvojno jezero (Double Lake) and the Črno jezero (Black Lake).

To get to the Triglav Lakes, you can either drive to Planina Blato or you can hike up to Stara Fuzina. But for the latter, make sure you’re ready for some serious hiking as it can take up to 6 hours one way.

3) Lake Zelenci

Photo by Katja Nemec on Unsplash

Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle when interrailing? Then head to Lake Zelenci. Mountain wetlands, it is surrounded by boardwalks, wading birds, and some of the world’s rarest plants; including the carnivorous sundew.

As soon as you step foot on one of the enchanting wooden footpaths you will be in awe of the sparkling turquoise waters. Especially beautiful when visited in winter, it was declared a nature reserve nearly 30 years ago in 1992. Since then, it has become a favourite with both locals and tourists alike. 

Set on 15 hectares, it is nestled between Italy and Podkaren. Whilst at the nature reserve, make sure to visit the observation tower and the limestone peaks of the nearby Ponce mountain range.

4) Krn Lake

Photo by Marco Verch on Flickr

Next on our list is Krn Lake. Nestled in the Krn Highlands, this sleepy and peaceful lake is one of the largest mountain lakes within the country. Reflecting the Krn Fore in its waters and surrounded by pine trees and rolling hills, it was once the setting of the battles of the Soca Fort.

5) Lake Jasna

Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

Ok, so this is an artificial lake. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t spectacular. Made up of two interconnected lakes, you can easily visit Lake Jasna if staying in the nearby city of Villach. Located near the Italian and Slovenian border, the lakes bring thousands of tourists every year due to its beautiful, mountainous backdrop. 

Boasting walking trails and renowned for its fishing opportunities, this small aquamarine lake has white sand around its rim and has a statue of a golden-horned ibex (known as Zlatorog at its entrance.

6) Lake Kreda

Rok B, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

This may be another man-made lake, but Lake Kreda is a marvel of beauty. Set in the Radovna valley in the north west of Slovenia, it is a popular destination for hiking, swimming or indulging in a delicious picnic. A pastel green colour, many people believe that the lake has healing effects due to its high volume of chalk.

7) Lake Trboje

And finally, Lake Trboje. A popular location for paddle boarding and rowing, Lake Trboje is situated in the Gorenjska region of Slovenia. An artificial reservoir within the Sava river, despite its young age, it’s a rich natural habitat with over 140 species of birds. It’s also a popular spot for fishing and bird watching.

So, there you go. There are 7 of the most beautiful lakes to visit when you’re interrailing or travelling around Slovenia. Of course, as aforementioned, Lake Bled is also a very beautiful choice. But for those looking for somewhere a little less touristy, why not try one or more of the above?