Interrailing in Luxembourg: 24-hour itinerary

A very underrated country that’s landlocked in the west of Europe, Luxembourg is a fantastic place to interrail around. From the bustling cities to the picturesque natural sights, Luxembourg has plenty to see and do – regardless of its small size. However, its size does play in its favour, as it’s very easy to interrail around, especially if you’re only visiting it for a short amount of time. 

Its capital, which is ironically also called Luxembourg (or Luxembourg city) will undoubtedly be the place that you interrail in, due to the number of attractions within it and its rail links connecting it to nearby Belgium and The Netherlands. A destination that’s considered a little more off the beaten track than more known European cities, Luxembourg’s small town charm and friendly locals will make you feel relaxed the moment you arrive.

But where are the best places to go during your trip? We’ve created a 24 hour itinerary, with the top attractions to visit, possible accommodation options if you’re wishing to stay overnight and where you should eat along the way.

Get to Luxembourg (6am – 11am)

Although you might initially think of flying to Luxembourg, it’s also very easy to get to from the UK by train. Eurostar trains go from London St Pancras to Brussels in just under 2 hours. From there, you can get an InterCity train, taking you from the centre of Brussels to Luxembourg in just over 3 hours. Alternatively, you can choose the London to Paris route, before getting the TGV to Luxembourg, but the trains are less frequent.

Find Your Accommodation (11am – 12pm)

If you’re wanting to stay in Luxembourg overnight before travelling back to the UK or onto another European destination, you’ll have plenty of accommodation options to choose from. If you’re looking for something that’s budget friendly, Youth Hostel Luxembourg City is a great choice. Affordable, centrally located and with breakfast included, it’s perfect for those wanting to keep the costs down. 

Alternatively, if you want to treat yourself to accommodation that’s a little fancier, Hotel Le Place de Armes is ideal. A 5* hotel in the centre of Luxembourg city, it features luxury accommodation and amenities – perfect for any special occasion.

Find Somewhere For Lunch (12pm – 2pm) 

Next comes lunch. You’ll want to find somewhere that’s not only filling (so that you’re raring to go for a day of exploring!) but likely somewhere that won’t be too heavy on your wallet. Luxembourg is host to a wide array of cafes and restaurants offering a variety of cuisine from Japanese to French; meaning you can find a meal that’s bound to satisfy your tastebuds. For an easy, laid-back meal head to Snooze Sports Bar for a delicious burger and pint of traditional beer.

Spend the Afternoon Exploring (2pm – 6pm) 

Now it’s time for the fun part – seeing what Luxembourg city has to offer. As mentioned above, Luxembourg is full to the brim with fantastic attractions, from the historic to the modern; so there won’t be a dull moment throughout your 24 hours there. Top highlights within the city include:

  • Cathedral Notre Dame – a 17th Century Roman Catholic Cathedral with gothic and Renaissance architecture that’s situated in the centre of Luxembourg.
  • The National Museum of History and Art – also located in the centre it displays an array of artefacts and artworks depicting Luxembourg’s history. 
  • The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator – connecting Ville Haute (the historical city centre) with Pfaffenthal, this unique attraction offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Alzette River valley below. 
  • The Grand Ducal Palace – the residence of the Grand duke of Luxembourg, this beautiful palace is a prominent landmark within the city.

Find a Dinner Spot (6pm – 8pm)

When it comes time to finding a dinner spot, like at lunch it won’t be difficult to find somewhere delicious to eat. For a cheaper option, try Snack Pamukkale for decadent Turkish cuisine. Located just outside of the centre, this popular eatery is a great place to grab a bite to eat after a long day of exploring. 

Alternatively, head to La Bouquet Garni for a more formal meal, and indulge in dishes such as lobster bisque with fine champagne and tarragon whipped cream to start, followed by roasted veal served with macaroni au gratin and mushrooms for your main.

Head Out for the Evening (8pm – 10pm)

After a delicious meal, head out for the evening for a relaxed drink in one of Luxembourg’s many bars. From the bustling Lady Jane speakeasy that offers tantalising cocktails to the unique Tube pub offering a variety of drinks in an extraordinary setting, you won’t be stuck for options if you’re looking for a quick drink or two during your day in the city.

Venture Back to Your Accommodation (10pm)

Sleep! (10pm – 6am)

Head off for the train (6 am – ) 

We’ve reached the end of your 24 hours in Luxembourg! It’s now time to either carry on your interrail journey across Europe or back to the UK doing the aforementioned route in reverse! 

Whatever you’ve spent your time doing in Luxembourg, you’re guaranteed to have had a fantastic time. It truly is a magical place that is begging to be discovered. So if it isn’t already, make sure to add it to your future interrail travel plans – you won’t regret it!