The ultimate guide to interrailing at Euro 2024

If you’re a fan of the footie then you’ll be buzzing for EURO 2024 later this year. Well, we’ve got some more great news for you! If you’re planning on catching some of the matches, Interrail is offering an exclusive 25% discount for those with EURO 2024 tickets! This amazing deal kicks off on the 17th January which is perfectly timed with the next round of the general ballot results coming out on the 31st January. The discounted Interrail passes can be purchased here from 17th January.

This deal allows you to travel across Europe and experience all of the amazing scenery and culture, particularly in Germany, while you’re following your national football team. Not only that, but there is also a unique perk for match ticket holders; get a whopping 36 hours of free regional travel around match days with the 36 Hour Travel Pass. This means that you arrive in Germany, enjoy the thrill of the game, and get to explore the city without having to worry about any extra travel costs. For all of the information and FAQs, visit the UEFA website.

Now that all of the big news has been announced, we thought it would be useful to create some itineraries for those planning to travel to support our home nations. 

England Matches

England are set to face Serbia, Denmark and Slovenia in their EURO 2024 group matches this year. They begin in Gelsenkirchen against Serbia on 16th June. Gelsenkirchen is an industrial city in Nord-Rhein Westfalen, and home to Schalke football club.

From there, hop on a 3 hour train to Frankfurt where England face Denmark on 20th June. The game takes place at Deutsche Bank Park (Waldstadion) which is home to Eintracht Frankfurt. With your match ticket, you can easily get around Frankfurt and soak in the pre-match atmosphere in the various fan zones. Spend your free time between matches visiting a string of excellent museums along the riverside!

You’ll then make your way to Cologne, where England take on Slovenia on 25th June. The train journey only takes around 90 minutes. 

England’s group games are in a really condensed area of Germany, which means your travel time won’t be much. Match ticket holders are entitled to a 36 Hour Travel Pass for the entire regional public transport network at no additional cost so you can travel between Cologne and Gelsenkirchen free of charge if you have tickets for the games. The travel pass is valid from 0600 on matchday to 1800 the day after. You could, therefore, base yourself completely in Cologne and easily travel to and from Gelsenkirchen. Frankfurt isn’t in the same region so you can then use your Interrail pass to travel to/from Frankfurt. Use this route to help plan your trip.

If England win their group, then their Round of 16 match would also be in Gelsenkirchen, before heading to Dusseldorf for the quarter final, then Dortmund for the semi final, and Berlin for the final!

If England come second in their group, there will be a bit more travelling involved and an Interrail pass may well be needed. Their Round of 16 match would see them likely face Germany in Dortmund, before heading down to Stuttgart in the quarters, Munich for the semis, then to the capital for the final.

OpponentDateLocationRecommended hostel
Serbia16/06/24VELTINS-Arena, Gelsenkirchenibis Styles Hotel
Denmark20/06/24Deutsche Bank Park, Frankfurta&o Frankfurt Galluswarte
Slovenia25/06/24RheinEnergieStadion, Colognea&o Köln Dom
England Euro 2024 group matches itinerary

Scotland Matches

Scotland are set to face Germany, Switzerland and Hungary this year in the EURO 2024 matches. If you plan on following the Tartan Army, you’ll start your journey in Munich on the 14th June, where Scotland start with their toughest group match against Germany at the Allianz Arena. Getting to the stadium from central Munich is very straightforward with the bus being the easiest option.

Scotland then travel up to Cologne to face Switzerland at the RheinEnergieStadion on 19th June. The train journey from Munich to Cologne takes around 4 hours 10 minutes, so it’s a journey well worth using a travel day for on your Interrail pass.

After that, you’ll find yourself in Stuttgart to watch Scotland in their final group game against Hungary. In your free time, make sure to check out one of the car museums as it’s home to the Mercedes-Benz Museum and The Porsche Museum. Use this route template to help plot your journey across Germany to follow the Scotland team.

With the 36 Hour Travel Pass, ticket holders will be able to travel to and from the stadiums free of charge using regional trains but as Scotland’s matches are quite spread apart this won’t cover any travel between cities where Scotland have group games. Therefore, a discounted Interrail pass will come in very useful for flexible travel between the host cities.

Scotland’s likely route out of Group A would be to finish second ( assuming Germany top the group). This would mean a Round of 16 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin – likely against Italy. If Scotland beat Italy, then they would progress to the quarter final in Düsseldorf to face – in all probability – England! The semis could then take place against France back in Munich, then back to Berlin on 14th July for the final. Simple!

OpponentDateLocationRecommended hostel
Germany14/06/24Allianz Arena, MunichWombat’s City Hostel Munich Hauptbahnhof
Switzerland19/06/24RheinEnergieStadion, Colognea&o Köln Dom
Hungary23/06/24MHPArena, Stuttgarta&o Stuttgart City
Scotland Euro 2024 group matches itinerary

Wales Matches

If Wales qualify (final qualification takes place on 21st March 2024) and you plan on following the Welsh team, they will be placed in Group D, up against Austria, Netherlands and France in this year’s EURO 2024. Your journey will begin in Hamburg on the 16th June against the Netherlands. Check out Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway, for some culture, then hit the streets of the Reeperbahn and St Pauli for some excellent nightlife.

From there, Wales could be playing in Berlin against Austria on 21st June at the Olympiastadion. A great opportunity to check out the history and culture Berlin has to offer, including some quirky museums like the Currywurst Museum.

Finally, you’ll find yourself in Dortmund, where Wales could be facing France on 25th June in their EURO 2024 battle. Dortmund is home to the German Football Museum which is well worth checking out during your time there.

Like Scotland, Wales’ games are pretty spread out across Germany so you won’t be able to take full advantage of the 36 Hour Travel Pass. Instead, opt for the 25% discount on the Interrail pass so you can travel between the regions to each host city, and even to and from Wales! Use this route template to help plan your trip.

With France in Wales’ group, it’s unlikely they’ll finish top of the pile. Therefore, a second-place (or best 3rd place) finish is more likely on the cards. This would mean heading to Düsseldorf for the Round of 16 game, likely against Slovakia or Romania. If Wales win that game, then they would be returning to Hamburg for the quarter final. Then, to Munich for the semis on 9th July, and Berlin for the final.

OpponentDateLocationRecommended hostel
Netherlands16/06/24Volksparkstadion, HamburgGenerator Hamburg
Austria21/06/24Olympiastadion, BerlinCircus Hostel
France25/06/24Signal Iduna Park, Dortmunda&o Dortmund Hauptbahnhof
Wales Euro 2024 group matches itinerary
Map showing validity of the 36 Hour Travel Pass

How Interrail Planner can help you plan your EURO 2024 itinerary

Of course, the limit isn’t three teams and you could follow football all throughout Germany if you wanted to! If you’re going to the Euros, then it’s quite possible you’ve bagged tickets for other matches rather than just for your team. Interrail Planner allows you to plan your route around Europe, or just Germany, so you can see journey durations between cities and book accommodation, easily keeping track of where you’ll be on certain dates. You can also share your itinerary with other people, so if you’ve got mates going to different games you can see when you’re in the same city at the same time.

Travel tips for a smooth journey with Interrail

Now that you know travelling with your favourite football teams isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, let’s look into some other travel tips so that you have the most incredible experience with EURO 24 this year.

Pack wisely

The last thing you want is to be lugging a huge suitcase around with you, so it’s important to pack wisely. Pack versatile clothing including something for going out in the evening, comfortable shoes, a powerbank and your toiletries. There’s no need to overpack for a few nights. Check out our interrailing packing list.

Budget well

While Interrail is offering you an amazing discount, you need to think about accommodation, food and other attractions you may want to visit. Use Interrail Planner’s premium version to access the trip cost calculator.

Learn useful phrases

While many people know English, learning useful phrases in the language of the areas you’re visiting will greatly enrich your experience. Plus, it adds some fun to your trip. 

If you want to order a beer in German, you can say “Ich hätte gerne ein Bier, bitte.”

Familiarise public transport

Find out what kind of public transport options there are for each destination so that you can choose the option that’s going to get you from A to B most conveniently.


Make the time on your journey to go to local markets, try the local cuisine, and explore museums in the area. You’ll regret it if you don’t!

Embrace this chance to explore Europe and see some no-doubt thrilling football matches along the way!