The best travel games to take on your Interrail trip

When you’re interrailing, you might find that you have some spare time. Whether this is when you’re on the train in-between destinations or whilst you’re there, it’s good to find a way to keep yourself entertained. And this is where games can come in. 

There are so many great games for you to choose from, that are easily transportable and fun to play. Of course, the game that you choose will depend on your personal preferences, but to give you some inspiration, here is some examples to sink your teeth into:


We thought we’d start with a classic type of game – cards. There are so many games that you can play with a pack of cards that will keep you and your travel companion entertained throughout your interrailing trip.

Even if you’re travelling alone, if you make friends during your holiday you’ll be able to play cards with them (almost everyone is familiar with at least one of these cards games):

  • Snap
  • Rummy (or gin rummy)
  • Crazy eights
  • Patience
  • Cheat

Compact and lightweight, they should be one of the first things in your suitcase whilst interrailing!


Another more traditional game is dominoes. All you need is a box of dominoes and you’re able to play with up to four people. Although there are a variety of domino games that you can play, the most popular one is straight dominoes.

After placing all of the dominoes down and shuffling them, one player should draw a domino at a time. Then, the player who has drawn the highest plays first. Each player will then draw seven dominos and the ones that are left should remain face down. 

The aim of the game is to score as many points as you can by laying the dominoes end to end – but you can only score points if the exposed ends are multiples of five.

It might sound complicated, but it’s easy once you get a hang of the rules – we promise!


With origins in South America, Perudo isn’t one of the most well-known games on this list. However, it’s perfect for any interrailing trip.

A dice game, the object of Perudo is to be the last player left with one die or more. Played in rounds, each player (of which there can be two or more, but it’s better to play with 5 or 6) will receive a cup with five dice. Each round starts with each player rolling the dice in the cup. Once this is done, each player will turn the cup over on the table.

Each player will bid guessing at the number of rolls. When a player believes that another player is incorrect, they have to shout ‘Dudo’ or raise the bid (by the number of dice they have or the value on it). 

Cards Against Humanity 

Now onto one of the most modern games on this list – Cards Against Humanity. A very popular card game played by millions around the world it’s one that you may want to play within your hostel or another quiet/private location due to what each card says on it!

An adult game, it’s the ideal way to break the ice with others whilst interrailing. A simple game to play, it involves one person reading out a question on a black card, before the other players provide the most hilarious answers out of the white cards they were dealt. 

The more black cards that you’re awarded, the higher your score. At the end of the game the person with the most black cards wins.


If you’re looking for a simple, mini travel game for your trip then Dobble is a great option. There are several variations of the game for you to enjoy, including a good old-fashioned ‘snap’ game. What makes this game great is that anyone can pick it up – and it’s very competitive making it really fun.

Connect 4 

Back to a more classic game – Connect 4! Ideal for the train journeys or in your hostel, Connect 4 is another straight-forward game that anyone can play. The premise of Connect 4 is simple – the first person to get all of their four discs in a row is the winner. 


If you love scrabble, then this little game is bound to be a hit. Easy to carry with you whilst interrailing, all it takes to master Bananagrams is a good ability to create long, accurate letters. The first person to use all of their tiles wins!

Monopoly Deal

One of the best travel board games to take with you on your interrailing trip is Monopoly Deal. Ideal for two or more players, this compact game is derived from the original version. The aim of it is to collect three complete sets of cards that represent the properties from the original game of Monopoly.

You can either do this by playing them directly, collecting them as rent or by stealing them. The two main differences between this and the traditional game is that there are denominations of the money and there are wild cards within it.


And lastly, UNO. Beloved by those of all ages, UNO is one of the simplest games that you can play whilst interrailing. For those that don’t know, the aim of UNO is to be the first person to get rid of all their cards. There are, however, several factors that come into play that you’ll have to watch out for!