New night trains in Europe

If you’re planning on interrailing around Europe, then you’ll want to start thinking about which trains you need to take along the way. And with so many to choose from, the prospect might seem daunting at first. But the sheer number of options available simply gives you the flexibility to choose what fits you.

Amongst the usual trains during the day, are the new night trains. It’s no secret that overnight trains have long been a popular way to travel; there seems nothing better than going to sleep and waking up somewhere new. They also tend to be a little cheaper than flying, not to mention more comfortable. You can simply hop on the train, relax in your own cabin or chair and sleep the night away whilst the train takes you to your destination. And now several subsidised and state-owned European railways have created expanded overnight services that are begging to be enjoyed. 

From France’s SNCF that’s had millions of Euros spent on it to offer new sleeper cabins with routes throughout Paris, Nice and Berlin to Austria’s OBB which now operates over 20 different night routes (and there are 33 new sleeper trains coming in 2023), the options are seemingly endless throughout Europe. Most of these overnight sleeper trains even have en-suites and enough space for families or friends!

Alongside OBB and SNCF, the recently launched Alpen-Sylt Nachtexpress offers routes across Austria and Switzerland, which you can enjoy whilst in eco-friendly and comfortable cabins; something that many eco-conscious people will enjoy. Or if you’re looking to interrail across Sweden, then the Snallaget (that offers sleeper trains between Stockholm, Berlin and Malmo) is a great option for interrailers.

If you want to explore Italy and you want to take a night train that exudes luxury, then the Trano della Dolce Vita might fit the bill. Yes, this is more expensive than the usual sleeper train. But if you’re celebrating a special occasion, then you might want to push the boat out and indulge in something decadent. Far from the usual sleeper train, this Italian night train is the ultimate way to travel around the beautiful country.

Alternatively, if you’re from the UK and are looking for night trains that are a little closer to home (and a little cheaper!), then Paris’ new Midnight Trains might be just the ticket. Launching in 2024, the Midnight Trains promise to be hotels on rails – something that will appeal to those who aren’t normally that keen on the standard sleeper train. Offering single, double or four-bed rooms with luxury bedding and refined food, it will have connections between Lisbon, Edinburgh and Paris to choose from. Designed to offer an alternative to the previously basic SNCF sleepers and to short-haul flights across Europe, this greener way of travelling is guaranteed to be a popular choice for interrailers and other holiday-goers alike.

If you don’t want to wait until 2024 for the Midnight Trains (I mean, we don’t blame you!), then the Prague-Dresden-Berlin-Amsterdam-Brussels night train could be the ideal choice for you. A joint venture between European Sleeper and RegioJet, the services should start later this year. Departing from Prague and arriving in Brussels, this fabulous service offers comfortable accommodation and breakfast included, along with other exciting perks.

Which night train should you choose?

That is just a handful of the incredible new night trains that are on offer (or are coming in the near future). With so many to choose from, there’s bound to be a route that will suit your requirements. No matter what your budget or where you’re looking to explore, the dozens of sleeper trains are guaranteed to please! So have a think about where you’re looking to travel, budget out what you want to spend and start to plan your route.