Lucerne: the most affordable places to eat

Lucerne is an extraordinary city that’s known for its medieval architecture, snow-capped mountains and the beautiful Lake Lucerne. Whilst in the city, there are four-must sees for any tourist – the Lion Monument, the romantic Chapel Bridge, the old town and Mount Pilatus. 

However, even though it has breath-taking scenery and architecture, it’s also known for its expensive shops, bars and restaurants. Although it might seem impossible to get a meal for below £200 (or 254 CHF), there is a handful of delicious restaurants and cafes within easy reach of the city centre and train station that will appeal to those on a tight budget.

Here are our top eight choices that you can sink your teeth into – so that you can get a better idea of what restaurants to look out for whilst you are there on your interrailing trip:

Rathaus Brauerei

If you’re looking for a relaxed restaurant moments from Lucerne’s main attractions, look no further than Rathaus Brauerei. Elegant and welcoming, this extraordinary restaurant has a menu that won’t break the bank. 

From salads to traditional Swiss dishes, you’ll leave Rathaus Brauerei having spent less than 100 CHF. Of course, this is one of the more fancy options. If you’re looking for a more casual meal whilst travelling around Lucerne, then perhaps one of the below is more appropriate.


After a morning of exploring the city, why not head to Suter’s for a mouth-watering lunch? Offering a menu that consists of freshly baked pastries, authentic rosti, burgers and more, it’s a budget-friendly option within ½ mile of the centre.

A more casual choice, it’s favoured with locals and tourists who are looking for fuss-free dining in the city. With prices starting at 5 CHF, it’s easily one of the cheapest and best dining options.


Want a quick bite to eat? Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, a meal at Pastarazzi is guaranteed to please. Situated moments from Lake Lucerne and the Jesuitenkirsche (Jesuit church), it offers tantalising fresh dishes, from a meat plate to ravioli and homemade tagliatelle.

With prices ranging from 10 CHF to 24 CHF, it’s an affordable option that’s nestled amongst some of Lucerne’s most expensive bars and restaurants.


Located just outside of the city centre, Neubad is a cultural centre that plays host to different events throughout the year. A hive for arts and culture, it’s commonly used as a creative working place for many living in the city. 

Featuring a menu that changes daily, with prices that are less than 20 CHF each, it’s easily one of the most stylish and wallet-friendly options that’s close to all of the main attractions.

Holy Cow

Who doesn’t love a good burger? At Holy Cow in the centre of Lucerne – moments from the train station (which is ideal for travellers looking for a meal after a long journey), you’ll find mouth-watering burgers – from vegetarian options to beef and chicken. 

With a variety of toppings, you’re bound to find a flavour that you’ll love. Costing you less than 20 CHF for a burger, fries and a soft drink, you won’t have to worry about a big bill at the end of the meal.

Dean and David

If you fancy a lighter option, head over to Dean and David. A chain restaurant, its Lucerne franchise is located moments from the train station and Chapel Bridge. At Dean and David’s, you’ll find fresh salads, sandwiches, curries, veggie bowls and pressed juices. An option for those looking for something a little less heavy than traditional Swiss food, prices range from 6 CHF – 15 CHF.

Made in Sud

If you love Italian (I know it’s Switzerland, but maybe you are craving something a little different), then a trip to Made in Sud is well worth it. With a menu with the likes of carpaccio, lasagne and gnocchi, it’s perfect for those that love Italian cuisine.

It’s also one of the more affordable places to eat in Lucerne, with its dishes ranging from 10 CHF to 20 CHF.

Manora Restaurant

If you love buffet meals, then head to Manora. Set amongst an array of shops in the heart of Lucerne, it’s wide selection makes it ideal for those fussy eaters. Very affordable, it’s a popular option without the frills that many Lucerne restaurants have.

Ensuring that all of their dishes are prepared fresh and sourced locally, they guarantee a friendly and efficient service – perfect for travellers looking for a swift meal before continuing an interrailing holiday.

Filled with different dishes from fish to salad and beef, you can enjoy this restaurant at breakfast or lunch. Ranging in price from 4 CHF – 16 CHF, it sits comfortably within the most affordable restaurants in Lucerne.