Is there an age limit for interrailing?

A question that’s frequently asked by travellers is whether there is an age limit for interrailing. This exhilarating travel option may initially seem like it’s for teens or young adults. But many families and those of the older generation love to interrail around Europe due to the huge variety of countries, flexibility and savings that they can enjoy. Whether your family or yourself opts for a Global Pass or the One Country Pass, there’s Interrail Passes for all ages.

Interrail Child Pass

Firstly, there’s the Interrail Child Pass. This option is perfect for children aged 4 to 11 years. What’s so great about this pass is that children can travel for free with it. One thing to keep in mind is that a child must be accompanied by at least one adult with an adult pass, and up to two children can travel with one adult.

Interrail Youth Pass

The next type available is the Interrail Youth Pass. A very popular option, this is suitable for those aged 12-27. Starting at 167 for a 4 day Global Pass and typically offering great discounts, it gives young adults the opportunity to travel to up to 33 different countries for a period of 4 days up to 3 months!

Interrail Adult Pass 

The Interrail Adult Pass is available for individuals aged 28 years or over. With prices starting at €221 for a 4 day Global Pass, this affordable travel option is perfect if you’re planning on holidaying with your family, with a partner or solo! Due to the flexibility of the pass, it’s ideal if you’re looking to travel around multiple countries but don’t want the hassle of flying.

Senior Adult Pass

The final type of Interrail Pass available is the Senior Adult Pass. Suitable for those 60+, the 4 day Global Pass starts at €199. A great choice if you’re travelling with grandparents, your partner or simply going on a thrilling getaway around Europe, the Senior Adult Pass is affordable and flexible.

So, there you go! There’s a roundup of the types of Interrail Passes available. With no age limit for interrailing, people of all ages can enjoy this wonderful way of travelling. Budget-friendly, unique and perfect for those with wanderlust, interrailing, no matter where you go to is a fantastic option.