Interrailing in Scandinavia: where to go and how much will it cost?

What do you think of when you picture the Scandinavian region? Probably ice and snow, but the area made up of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark offers a wealth of fantastic places to visit and things to see. Here are the top cities to explore by rail and a few tips on what you can discover at each location.


You can begin your adventure in Helsinki, the Finnish capital. It’s a beautiful place to visit it at any time of year and we recommend exploring on foot. Once you leave the Central Railway Station, you can take a gentle stroll down Mannerheim Street. Here you’ll see the statue of Mannerheim as well as this the Parliament Building. The Kiasma Museum is here too where you’ll be able to take a trip back in time through the ages and discover the past of this tremendous city.


There are two UNESCO world heritage sites for you to discover in this incredible city. The Woodland Cemetery and the Royal Palace Drottningholm each attract millions of tourists. Once you have witnessed the beauty of these unique location, you can wander down cobbled streets or across the canals of the city. The architecture is truly remarkable here but if you want the true taste of Stockholm, make sure that you head down to Old Town. It’s here that you’ll find the traditional dining delights as well as unique boutiques that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.


After you have explored the cities of Sweden, you can travel across to Denmark. Copenhagen is often described as the most relaxing city in Scandinavia. Once you venture here, you won’t find it difficult to see why. The cafe culture is hidden amongst a colourful design with pastel homes and building. The Tivoli Gardens is the cities most popular attraction, but there’s also plenty of art galleries, shops and restaurants. It’s certainly worth taking a trip down to the docks in the middle of the day. The coloured buildings reflected in the emerald waters looks like an oil pointing come to life.


Bergen is believed to be Norway’s crown jewel. Often known as the ‘city between seven mountains,’ it is also the gateway to the beautiful and grand fjords. They, of course, are now part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Beyond that, you definitely need to discover the gastronomy of Bergen. There are plenty of food venues sure to tantalise taste buds like Lysverket or Colonialen.  


Oslo is the type of city you could just imagine yourself living in. It’s a beautiful cosmopolitan city where everything just works. Travel here from Bergen on the beautiful Bergen to Oslo train line. It’s within a short distance of Gaustatoppen, the most beautiful mountain in Norway – and from the top you can see 1/6th of Norway’s land mass and as far as Sweden on a clear day! The city itself glistens in the summer, as it’s based around water – check out the Aker Brygge Marina which was built as a place to gather and socialise, with lots of bars and restaurants lining the strip. However, Oslo is the most expensive city in Scandinavia, so spend wisely!


Finally, for adventurers and families, Gothenburg is certainly a key city to visit. It’s home to Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park, and through the winter holidays, there’s the Christmas market too! The Gothenburg Museum of Art is also well known as being one of the greatest collection of pieces in all of Europe.

How much will it cost to Interrail in Scandinavia?

If you’re interested in making this trip, you might be curious about how much it will cost. The good news is that your Interrail pass makes travel across Scandinavia much more affordable. Places like Norway and Sweden also have an “Everyman’s Right” concept which means you can camp for free absolutely anywhere. As for hotel accommodation, prices can vary depending on the country and city, but you’ll be looking at roughly £100 per night. There are also lots of top hostels where you’ll be able to find a place to fit your budget. Food and dining out is about £10 per person for most countries and a little less in Sweden.

We hope this helps you plan an unforgettable journey around Scandinavia soon!