Introducing Interrail Planner Premium!

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We’ve launched Interrail Planner Premium to make planning your trip around Europe even more convenient.

The benefits of a Premium account are two-fold: exclusive offers & extra features!

Exclusive Offers

Interrail Planner Premium gives you access to exclusive offers and discounts on travel essentials, from hostels to travel towels! At launch, we offer discounts at hostels in more than 10 cities. You can read more about the discounts we offer here – including how much you can save by using them!

Extra Features

Interrail Planner Premium unlocks additional features within the planner: a cost tracking feature, a pass tracking feature, and a notes feature.

Cost tracking

Budgeting can be one of the hardest parts of planning an Interrail trip. With our cost tracking feature, you can break your budget down to the main costs: accommodation, daily spending, Interrail pass, train reservations, and any other costs, such as flights. After adding in your estimated costs for each of these aspects, the planner will provide a running total of the estimated trip cost, helping you to keep on top of your budget.

Pass tracking

Interrail passes come with rules that can be complex. For example, all passes have a validity period and with some passes you can only travel on a limited number of days within that period, those validity periods then vary depending on the month your pass starts… And don’t even get us started on the confusion around how night trains work! Our pass tracking feature removes a lot of the complexity, as it automatically counts up how many travel days your trip uses (with consideration to the rules around night trains), as well as counting the total days your trip uses. Select the specific pass you want to use, and it will alert you if your trip exceeds the limitations of your chosen pass. Customise your trip to your heart’s content safe in the knowledge that you’re using your pass correctly. And no more re-counting the days every time you want to make a small change to the trip! The feature is also up to date with the changes to Interrail passes for 2019. LINK


As you research your trip, you’ll likely come across loads of amazing things to see, do, eat, and drink! The notes feature lets you add notes to your plan so you can keep track of that. Read a great blog post about the top 5 things to do in Barcelona? Record it in the notes about Barcelona in your plan!

So, that’s Interrail Planner Premium – we hope you’re as excited about it as we are! You can buy Interrail Planner Premium here. And, as an introductory offer, you can use this code to get 25% off: BLOG-EARLYBIRD (Valid until the end of February 2019).

Thanks for reading and happy Interrailing!

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