Interrailing in Lake Bled: where to stay and what to do

Lake Bled is a beautiful destination and one of the most popular spots to explore in all of Slovenia. Situated in the Julian Alps, this incredible place is completely secluded and it takes a certain level of planning to reach it. There’s plenty of reasons to visit this picturesque destination with enchanting secrets waiting to be discovered… So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about interrailing in Lake Bled, including where to stay, how to get there and what to do once you arrive. You’re not going to want to miss bathing in these turquoise waters.

Where to stay: Lake Bled vs Ljubljana

You could stay in Ljubljana when visiting Lake Bled on a day trip, as it really isn’t too far. There are plenty of hostels that could be suitable for this type of adventure. For instance, you could stay in Hostel24, located just 200 metres from Dragon Bridge and 15 minutes from the main train station. With an international aesthetic and friendly staff, this is a popular spot for students. There are also plenty of fun activities to enjoy while you are staying in the hostel like evening parties. Another great option is Hostel Celica, a converted prison situated in the hip, regenerated area of Metelkova!

Alternatively, if you’re interested in spending more days exploring the lake, you could stay in Bled itself. Castle Hostel 1004 is one of the best possibilities and is just a few minutes walk from the lake. Right in the centre of town, this hostel has a warm, friendly atmosphere and there are some great restaurants nearby. There’s a brilliant common room for meeting fellow guests and you’ll love returning after a full day investigating everything the lake has to offer. An outdoor seating area also provides the perfect spot to enjoy fantastic views of the city.

Travelling to Lake Bled

Are you planning on staying in Ljubljana? If so, you can travel by train. However do be aware, the nearest station to Lake Bled is still a tremendous 4.5 km away. As such, you need to make sure that you do get a taxi or a bus once you arrive. There is another train station, Jezero, but this cannot be reached directly if you are getting the train from Ljubljana.

If you want to travel by bus, then you might as well get one straight from Ljubljana as the same transportation stops off at Lesce station. Buses leave the main station every hour and there is a  bus stop just 300 metres from the lake. And is a great option if you don’t want to use a travel day up on your Interrail pass! There are several stops around the lake too so you can choose exactly where you want to be. Buses are certainly budget friendly and you can get a one-way ticket for just seven Euros. That said, be aware that you will not be able to book seats on all these buses and they can be quite crowded. So, you might want to get a taxi from Lesce station instead.

Things to do in Lake Bled

There are plenty of adventures you can consider once you arrive at the Lake. The main attraction is definitely swimming in the lake itself. People travel from all over the world to enjoy these waters. Grajsko kopališče, or the castle, bathing area is the only designated bathing place for Lake Bled but there are plenty of other beach areas too. There are also more exciting activities like canyoning.

If you haven’t heard of this before, it involves diving into rapids and rivers wearing a helmet and a wetsuit. This is sure to get the blood pumping and there are guided tours to help you explore Bohinj Valley. If you’d rather soar through the sky, then there is also zip lining over the Dolinka River.

If you want to explore options that are more relaxing but just as fun, you could try a wine tasting class near the lake. There’s one set in a cellar that is 100 years old and wine lovers are sure to love this incredible, two-hour experience.

Or, how about taking a trip to Bled Island? Here you’ll find the wishing bell of Bled Church. Will your wishes come true? We can’t say for sure but we can tell you that there are 99 steps up to reach the bell.

Make sure you visit Bled Castle as well. You can get a fantastic view of the lake while you are at the castle terrace. There’s also a floor restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. We definitely recommend dining here as the menu is absolutely exquisite.