Interrail launch new passes and train services

Announced today, Interrail have revamped their pass offering to include more flexible, as well as longer options to suit every type of Interrail trip. The new passes will fit alongside existing passes to include a full offering of:

Lithuania has also been added as a destination, so you are now free to explore the delights of Vilnius using your Interrail pass! On top of that, interrailers can now travel on the LeoExpress and RegioJet on main routes in the Czech Republic and into Austria and Slovakia. You can read more about that here.

Night train rules have also been simplified. You’ll now only need to use a single day of travel, no matter what time you arrive the next day. Your day of departure is now the travel day you need to enter on your Interrail pass. Read more about the new night train rules.

The Greek Islands Pass has also been upgraded to include more islands than ever. You will now have access to 53 islands as opposed to 28.

We’ll be working on updating the planner over the next few weeks to reflect the new passes, features and simpler rules!