How many clothes should I take Interrailing?

When deciding how many clothes to bring on your Interrail trip, the main consideration is the length of your trip and when and how often you will do laundry during it. Most interrailers do laundry at least once during their trips, as this cuts down on the amount of clothing you have to carry in your backpack. So, if you only wanted to do laundry once during your trip, you should pack enough clothes to last you until at least halfway through your trip. However, we would advise taking slightly more than that to give you a buffer – just in case you spill anything on yourself and have to change on one of the days, or in case you don’t quite manage to do laundry on the day you planned.

Here’s a simple(ish) way to estimate how many days worth of clothes to pack:

(number of days on trip ÷ (1 + number of times you plan to do laundry)) + 2 buffer days = number of days worth of clothes to pack

E.g. for a 21 day trip with 2 laundry days, we suggest you pack 9 days worth of clothes

( 21 ÷ ( 1 + 2 ) ) + 2 = 9 days worth of clothes

It will help if you make sure you and your trip companions are agreed on how many clothes to pack because then you can all do your laundry together. Also, you could aim to book a hostel with laundry facilities for the day(s) that you plan to do your laundry.

Read our complete packing list for more information on what to pack for your Interrail trip.