European Sleeper night trains to accept Interrail passes from 1st July

Exciting news for Interrailers! Starting on July 1st, European Sleeper night trains will accept Interrail passes. This development opens up a world of possibilities for interrailers, offering a convenient and budget-friendly mode of transportation throughout Europe with the route starting in Brussels and terminating in Berlin. European Sleeper, dubbed “The Good Night Train”, promises to be a new-age of night train with Deluxe, Comfort and Budget options.

Interrail pass holders will now have the opportunity to enjoy the premium services provided by these exceptional train journeys. This decision demonstrates the increasing recognition of the value and practicality these passes offer to travellers exploring Europe. With an Interrail pass in hand, the comfort and charm of European Sleeper night trains await you. Just make sure to book a seat/couchette/sleeper reservation in order to travel! Prices start from just €14, which makes it a great value option compared to the cost of a hostel in, say, Amsterdam or Brussels. Reservations can be made via European Sleeper’s website.

The route right now, having launched in May 2023, only goes as far as Berlin but there are plans to extend it to Prague in 2024. Trains run Monday, Wednesday, Friday.