City Spotlight: Prague

Prague is one of the most popular places for interrailers and it’s easy to see why. The Czech capital is romantic and beautiful, on par with Paris even. Its nicknames include the City of 100 Spires and the Golden City and its history dates back a millennium, to the construction of Prague Castle in the 9th century.

There’s a lot to see in Prague but, thanks to its compact centre, everything is in walking distance. Explore the narrow cobbled streets and hidden courtyards of the old town and get lost as you discover ancient chapels, secret gardens, traditional Czech bars and quiet cafés only yards away from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town Square. Make sure you see the main attractions: Charles Bridge (which is pretty impossible to avoid), Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, John Lennon Wall, Old Jewish Cemetery.

Prague is also home to a variety of quirky museums, from the Sex Machines Museum to the Museum of Medieval Terror. It is, however, home to many more serious museums like the Museum of Communism and the Jewish Museum, as well as acclaimed art galleries.

Check out the districts of Vinohrady and Zizkov for a little more Bohemian adventure, or just to escape the tourist traps and see Prague as the locals do. These districts are full of great bars, pubs, cafés, and farmers’ markets as well as a lot of Iron Curtain-era architecture.

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the beer yet… Per capita, the Czechs drink the most beer in Europe per year. So, you’d think their beer is good. It is. You’ll find the internationally famous brands like Urquell, Staropramen and Budvar all over, but it is the local Czech beers that you should seek. The craft beer revolution is strong here and there are lots of microbreweries and beer gardens popping up all around Prague. These places brew their own beers and serve craft lagers and ale from around the local regions. Look out for Beer Geek, where you’ll find a huge selection of beers.

Where to eat? Lokál. They serve great Czech food at reasonable prices. They also serve tank beer, which makes the experience rather more enjoyable.

Where to drink? As mentioned, try out Beer Geek for a great selection of craft beers. However, for a slightly different experience and more of a cocktail vibe try out the Hemingway Bar.

Where to sleep? Sir Toby’s Hostel. In the Holesovice neighbourhood and very well connected by public transport and near lots of great bars and clubs.

Is there a free walking tour? Yes!

Header photo credit: Miroslav Petrasko