Longest Interrail Route Challenge

We challenged James Jackman to create the longest Interrail route he could using a 5 travel days in 15 days Global Pass! Sounds simple right? It would be, if we didn’t have these two conditions: no night trains and no journeys over 6 hours. Suddenly it’s not so easy! Have a read below and see how he did.

Paris, France

Accessible from the UK by Eurostar and the rest of Europe by rail, as a starting location, you can’t do much better! A city unto itself, Paris prides itself on its food, art and style, which have led it to it being famous for all three. Make sure to spend plenty of time in this city to see past the usual tourist traps and the famous landmarks, to discover a constantly evolving city with hundreds of hidden gems. Check out what to do while Interrailing in Paris.

Zurich, Switzerland

After a 4 hour train journey across most of France, you’re now in Zurich! While most associate Zurich with the eponymous insurance company, the city isn’t just about business. From the spires of the old town to the art galleries and walks along the river, Zurich screams class. Check out Zurich-West and see how the previous industrial hub has been converted into a creative centre.

Salzburg, Austria

Next stop, Salzburg! Ticking Austria off the list, you’ll struggle to find anywhere like Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. Looking straight out of a fairytale, some of you might recognise it from The Sound of Music, as some of it was filmed here! Look past Mozart and Julie Andrews and you’ll find a city with a fantastic food scene and rich Jewish history. The city also has access to some of the best mountain regions in Austria, making it perfect for hikers, especially in the summer.

Budapest, Hungary

A city that’s becoming more popular with tourists by the day, Budapest is a firm favourite among Interrailers. The history of the city is rich and varied, featuring revolutions, wars and bridges. The music and bar scene is unrivalled, due in no small part to the famous ruin bars. For those heading to Budapest in the summer, Sviget festival really throws the city into overdrive. And during your time here, if you need a rest, the spas across the city offer a perfect way to relax.

Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara, the one on this list that you probably haven’t heard of. The largest and one of the more cosmopolitan cities in Western Romania, Timisoara features several galleries, museums and a thriving nightlife. The city has a firm place in history, especially in the 1989 revolution which ended with the removal of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. For those who fancy a more light-hearted trip, make sure to have a wander through the many public squares and gaze at the architecture which has earned Timisoara the nickname “Little Vienna”.

Belgrade, Serbia

Our final stop! About 900 miles as the crow flies from Paris, Belgrade has in recent years pushed itself into the forefront of places to be. Belgrade’s character comes from its troubled past, which includes many invasions and like many other cities in the region, communism. These days it is evolving into a creative hub with a bold identity.

So, there you have it! 5 travel days, 15 days in total and over 900 miles travelled.

Do you think you can get further within our rules? Have a go using our route planner and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Header photo credit: Lima Pix