Aisha Erin / August 17, 2018

The 5 most exquisite cafés to visit on your Interrail trip around Europe

Europe is teeming with old-world history and must-see locations that have inspired travellers, and visitors for centuries. Nowhere is this truer than the social coffee houses frequented by writers, poets, playwrights, students and other notable...

Ashley Chow / August 09, 2018

Considering a solo Interrail trip? Top tips for interrailing around Europe on your own

My first encounter with solo travelling is the movie Before Sunset where a handsome Ethan Hawke convinces a stranger, the beautiful Julie Delphi, to jump off the train and spend the day in Vienna with...

Interrail Planner / July 29, 2018

Book your Interrail trip as a package through Interrail Planner!

Earlier this year, we announced a pilot with Euroventure to help Interrailers book their trips as packages. After creating a plan on Interrail Planner, users could click a temporary banner and provide Euroventure with a...

Interrail Planner / July 25, 2018

Do I need travel insurance for interrailing?

So, you’re about to go interrailing and haven’t sorted out your travel insurance yet. Do I really need travel insurance, you might ask? The short answer is, absolutely yes. We’ve teamed up with Alpha Travel...

Julie Goffredo / July 16, 2018

48 hours in Vienna: what to do in Vienna on your Interrail trip

If you've only got limited time to explore the city, great news - Vienna is small and compact enough that you can see most of the city in a couple of days. If you have...