David Walsh / May 24, 2018

Where should I go interrailing in Poland? The top 5 places in Poland to visit

Is Poland on your travel radar, and if not, why not? It may have had a reputation for being bleak and austere in the past, but if you’ve ever visited, you’ll have already discovered the...

Jack MacHugh / May 16, 2018

Where should I go interrailing in Germany? The top 5 places in Germany to visit

Germany is a big country, brimming with history, culture and nature. You can Interrail from its big metropolitan centres, to the Alps in Bavaria, passing through some wonderful landscapes on the train. Don’t know where...

David Walsh / April 27, 2018

The most beautiful train journeys you can take when interrailing around Europe

The romance of train journeys is something that has never been lost, largely because they offer what flying just can’t. With railways built in some of Europe’s most inaccessible places, they give an unparalleled opportunity...

David Walsh / April 23, 2018

Interrailing the Med: a guide to the best cities to visit in the sun

From well-known spots to hidden gems off the beaten track, here are just six of the best cities to inspire you while you plan your summer odyssey on the Mediterranean.CadizLinked by high speed trains to...

Gabi Yarnell / April 17, 2018

My Interrail experience and advice for first-time Interrailers

To anyone out there thinking about going interrailing at some point, my advice is stop thinking and go and do it. Interrailing was by far the best experience I have ever had and the best...