Travel Buddy Finder by Interrail Planner

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are keen to find others to travel with and/or meet up with on their travels. So, we’ve come up with a way for everyone to share their plans and find travel buddies, whether you want to find someone to travel with you for your whole trip or just want to meet up in a city!

Below, you will be able to add information about yourself and your plan. Underneath that you will see all the plans that have been added – you can search that list of people and plans using the sorts and filters! If you have any suggestions about how to improve it, let us know here.

Step 1: Add information about yourself and your plan below (or do it here)

Step 2: Find travel buddies below (or do it here)

Use the filters to narrow down your search (unfortunately this does not work on mobile, so grab your laptop!). You can filter on things like the months people are travelling, the cities/countries they are visiting, the languages they speak, and what they are looking for (e.g. someone to travel with or just someone to meet up with)! As this is a new service and people are just finding out about it, you might want to come back once a few more people have added plans. As always, take care when meeting people online – this listing is not moderated.

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