Interrail Planner / July 29, 2018

Book your Interrail trip as a package through Interrail Planner!

Earlier this year, we announced a pilot with Euroventure to help Interrailers book their trips as packages. After creating a plan on Interrail Planner, users could click a temporary banner and provide Euroventure with a link to their plan using a Google form. Euroventure would then provide a price quote to book that trip as a single package including all accommodation and train travel.

We're pleased to announce that this pilot was a success and there was a lot of interest in the option to book trips as packages.

As a result, we've now properly integrated Euroventure's package booking service with our free Interrail planning tool. Our new 'Book Package' button will take you to a contact form on Euroventure's website, customised for Interrail Planner users. Add some details (including the link to your plan), send the form, and you'll have a price quote in your email inbox as soon as possible!

Since launching this new integration a week and a half ago, over 80 people have already asked for quotes. Will you be next? Submit your plan here.