An Interrail Plan & Playlist

In addition to being passionate about helping people to plan Interrail trips, I’m passionate about discovering new music. The other day, I noticed that a few of the artists I listen to have songs named after European cities – so, I decided to create and share a route through these cities, that would also hopefully introduce people to some new music! (Full Spotify playlist here.)

Paris – Fickle Friends

From: Brighton, UK

And another I recommend:

Köln – Lucy Rose

From: Surrey, UK

And another I recommend:

Zermatt – Kamaliza

From: Sydney, Australia

This route in the planner:

Verona – Geographer

From: San Francisco, California, USA

And another I recommend:

Venice – The Lighthouse And The Wailer

From: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

And another I recommend:

Rome – Snowmine

From: Brooklyn, New York, USA

And another I recommend:

I hope you find at least one new song you like amongst the above, and if this has inspired you to take a similar route, you can use this route template.