Julie Goffredo / March 13, 2018

From Milan to Lake Garda: where to go Interrailing in Northern Italy

Julie Goffredo lived in Milan while on a year abroad from university and travelled extensively around northern Italy. Here, she shares her ultimate places to visit in northern Italy when interrailing. Read more from Julie...

Tim Eustace / March 07, 2018

Part 3: The Budapest Problem - an interrailing adventure

Tim Eustace is re-telling his summer interrail adventure from Oslo to Venice. This is the third blog of a four part series. Read part one and two. We decided on our route pretty early on but...

Interrail Planner / March 05, 2018

Save 15% on your Interrail pass!

Get a massive 15% discount on your Interrail pass in Interrail’s Early Bird SaleConsidering going interrailing this summer? Now is the time to get your Interrail pass and save up to £116. You don’t need...

Seren Phillips / March 02, 2018

What are Interrail night trains like?

Seren Phillips talks us through her experience of taking a night train on her Interrail trip. She loves to travel, inspired by a 6-week trip to Thailand in 2016, and is a keen writer. Read...

Rory Sullivan / February 22, 2018

Where should I go Interrailing in Italy? The top 5 places in Italy to visit for culture

Rory Sullivan takes us through his favourite Italian cities that you need to check out when you’re Interrailing. If you like the sound of these destinations, you can start planning it with this Interrail route...