Interrail Planner / March 15, 2018

We've launched Eurail Planner - a rail trip planning tool for travellers using Eurail passes!

We've launched a new website: Eurail Planner!It's similar to Interrail Planner, but tailored to people travelling around Europe with a Eurail pass rather than an Interrail Pass. You can read about the key differences between...

Julie Goffredo / March 13, 2018

From Milan to Lake Garda: where to go Interrailing in Northern Italy

Julie Goffredo lived in Milan while on a year abroad from university and travelled extensively around northern Italy. Here, she shares her ultimate places to visit in northern Italy when interrailing. Read more from Julie...

Tim Eustace / March 07, 2018

Part 3: The Budapest Problem - an interrailing adventure

Tim Eustace is re-telling his summer interrail adventure from Oslo to Venice. This is the third blog of a four part series. Read part one and two. We decided on our route pretty early on but...

Interrail Planner / March 05, 2018

Save 15% on your Interrail pass!

Get a massive 15% discount on your Interrail pass in Interrail’s Early Bird SaleConsidering going interrailing this summer? Now is the time to get your Interrail pass and save up to £116. You don’t need...

Seren Phillips / March 02, 2018

What are Interrail night trains like?

Seren Phillips talks us through her experience of taking a night train on her Interrail trip. She loves to travel, inspired by a 6-week trip to Thailand in 2016, and is a keen writer. Read...