Ashley Chow / August 09, 2018

Considering a solo Interrail trip? Top tips for interrailing around Europe on your own

My first encounter with solo travelling is the movie Before Sunset where a handsome Ethan Hawke convinces a stranger, the beautiful Julie Delphi, to jump off the train and spend the day in Vienna with...

Interrail Planner / July 29, 2018

Book your Interrail trip as a package through Interrail Planner!

Earlier this year, we announced a pilot with Euroventure to help Interrailers book their trips as packages. After creating a plan on Interrail Planner, users could click a temporary banner and provide Euroventure with a...

Interrail Planner / July 25, 2018

Do I need travel insurance for interrailing?

So, you’re about to go interrailing and haven’t sorted out your travel insurance yet. Do I really need travel insurance, you might ask? The short answer is, absolutely yes. We’ve teamed up with Alpha Travel...

Julie Goffredo / July 16, 2018

48 hours in Vienna: what to do in Vienna on your Interrail trip

If you've only got limited time to explore the city, great news - Vienna is small and compact enough that you can see most of the city in a couple of days. If you have...

Broadband Genie / July 10, 2018

Staying safe when using public WiFi while interrailing

We may enjoy free mobile roaming in Europe (for now, at least!) but when traveling by train the onboard WiFi may be the best way to get online. It can offer a faster and more...