Laura & Hjalte / November 02, 2018

Laura & Hjalte's Interrail: Part 1 - Nice, Geneva, Lugano, Verona, Venice

Hello and welcome to this 4-part series about our recent trip around Europe last summer. We are a young Danish couple named Hjalte and Laura - aged 19 - who both graduated from high school...

David Walsh / October 25, 2018

Interrailing through Eastern Europe: five cities you don’t want to miss

If its recent history is anything to go by, Eastern Europe has had it hard. Fending off unfair stereotypes of it being stark, brutal and uninviting - at least when compared with the cities of...

David Walsh / October 08, 2018

How will Brexit affect your Interrail travel plans?

Brexit is perhaps the most significant and complex political event facing Europe since the Second World War. With negotiations ongoing, it continues to drive the news agenda across the continent as it is likely to...

David Walsh / August 28, 2018

Where should I go interrailing in Switzerland? The top 5 places to Interrail in Switzerland

Switzerland is quite unlike anywhere else in Europe. With its chocolate box towns, jaw-dropping mountain vistas and sweeping lakes, the Swiss should truly count their blessings for being able to live in one of the...

Jack MacHugh / August 22, 2018

Interrailing around the Cinque Terre: where should I stay?

There are two major coastal attractions on Italy’s west coast: the Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre, which is situated on the Italian Riviera. Both places are very easily accessible by train and a breeze...