Interrail Planner / April 12, 2017

Interrail currency exchange hack: how to save over 3% on your Interrail pass!

In short: exchange Pounds to Euros using WeSwap’s website or apple/android app, then buy your Interrail pass in Euros using the free card WeSwap will send you!When browsing Interrail passes on the official website, you’ll...

Jack MacHugh / March 30, 2017

Where should I go interrailing in Croatia? Top 5 places in Croatia to visit

Croatia is a stunning country. Its Adriatic coastline is mesmerising and with over 1,000 islands it is one of Europe's jewels. It's easy to see why Croatia has become so popular in recent years, attracting...

Interrail Planner / March 23, 2017

How does the 7pm interrailing rule work?

Updated: January 2019On 2nd January 2019, Interrail announced simpler rules regarding night trains. Effectively, the new rule does away with the 7pm rule and now requires you to use just a single day of travel,...

Jack MacHugh / February 09, 2017

Part II: Europe's more alternative sporting events

With it being almost a year since we published part one of Europe’s more alternative sporting events, we thought it was high time to get into gear and write part two!  After drawing your attention...

Jack Cowell / January 23, 2017

An Interrail Plan & Playlist

In addition to being passionate about helping people to plan Interrail trips, I’m passionate about discovering new music. The other day, I noticed that a few of the artists I listen to have songs named...