Sara Popovic / February 20, 2019

The top 6 places to visit if you find yourself in Rijeka, Croatia on your Interrail trip

One of the largest cities in Croatia, Rijeka is situated between the forested hills of the continent and the beautiful Adriatic sea. Hence, it’s a perfect spot if you want to explore the best of...

Sara Popovic / February 08, 2019

The best guidebooks to get before your Interrail trip

So, you have planned your Interrail journey, and know precisely what you’d like to visit. The next step is getting your hands on a good guidebook to ensure you see all the must-visit places in...

Interrail Planner / January 19, 2019

Introducing Interrail Planner Premium!

Use this code to get 25% off Interrail Planner Premium: BLOG-EARLYBIRD (Valid until the end of February 2019)We’ve launched Interrail Planner Premium to make planning your trip around Europe even more convenient.The benefits of a...

Jack MacHugh / January 19, 2019

How to save £81 with Interrail Planner Premium!

The perks offered by Interrail Planner Premium undoubtedly save money on things that you would have bought anyway. But, just how much? We take a look at the potential savings if you were to make...

Interrail Planner / January 02, 2019

Interrail launch new passes and train services

Announced today, Interrail have revamped their pass offering to include more flexible, as well as longer options to suit every type of Interrail trip. The new passes will fit alongside existing passes to include a...