Interrail Planner / April 15, 2019

The 5 most vegan-friendly cities to visit in Europe on your Interrail trip

Travelling as a vegan often means having to think about the food options available in the destinations you want to head to. So, if you’re thinking of buying an Interrail pass and you want to...

Interrail Planner / March 23, 2019

Travel Buddy Finder by Interrail Planner

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are keen to find others to travel with and/or meet up with on their travels. So, we’ve come up with a way for everyone to share their plans...

Sara Popovic / March 06, 2019

Interrailing for film enthusiasts: six must visit film festivals in Europe

Europe has a lot to offer to film lovers, and regardless of the period you plan to take your Interrail adventure, you’ll likely stumble on some of them. They range in popularity, specific genres they...

Laura & Hjalte / December 17, 2018

Laura & Hjalte's Interrail: Part 2 - Lago di Braies, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Brno

After enjoying the sun, the charming South European atmosphere, and a daily temperature of 30-34 degrees Celsius for about two weeks, we needed a climate change. We got up early and walked to Verona train...

Interrail Planner / December 02, 2018

Interrailing in Scandinavia: where to go and how much will it cost?

What do you think of when you picture the Scandinavian region? Probably ice and snow, but the area made up of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark offers a wealth of fantastic places to visit...