Sara Popovic / February 20, 2019

The top 6 places to visit if you find yourself in Rijeka, Croatia on your Interrail trip

One of the largest cities in Croatia, Rijeka is situated between the forested hills of the continent and the beautiful Adriatic sea. Hence, it’s a perfect spot if you want to explore the best of...

Julie Goffredo / July 16, 2018

48 hours in Vienna: what to do in Vienna on your Interrail trip

If you've only got limited time to explore the city, great news - Vienna is small and compact enough that you can see most of the city in a couple of days. If you have...

Jack MacHugh / March 20, 2018

The Top 4 Best Day Trips From Split

Croatia is an interrailing hotspot and is becoming a more popular destination in general for people travelling in Europe. Split is Croatia's second largest city, sitting on the Dalmatian Coast. It's a buzzing place with...

Julie Goffredo / January 29, 2018

An insider’s guide to Milan: what to do in Milan when you’re interrailing

Julie Goffredo lived in Milan while on a year abroad from university. She shares her favourite and secret spots from all around Milan. Read more from Julie on her blog.Italy's trendiest, cosmopolitan city might not...

Interrail Planner / September 14, 2017

Interrail Planner co-founders went interrailing!

The co-founders of Interrail Planner went interrailing this summer, stopping off in Naples, Florence, Ancona (slightly accidentally), Split, Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. Here's what they got up to, along with their recommendations for each...